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Our History

Arrow Battery‘s history started several years ago when Ed Jones needed large quantities of soda for his son’s school festivities, something that turned out to be harder than he had thought. In all of Dayton it was impossible to get the required amount of cases of soda. So Ed had to traipse from one store to the next until he finally had enough soda for all the school children. Visibly annoyed, Ed announced to his wife on the evening after the school event: “I can do better than that!“

No sooner said than done, Ed founded his own wholesale business for beverages and, unbeknownst to him, had tapped into a huge market gap. Until then, cafes, bars, and restaurants in Dayton had always had to order from distributors in other cities that charged high delivery fees for the long trip. Shortly after Ed opened his doors, he had gained a large customer following.

Even years later, the local food service businesses are still among Arrow Battery‘s regular customers and many more have joined them – from bars and restaurants to shops and hotels: Arrow Battery currently supplies a wide variety of customers. Ed and his company are considered a specialist for all kinds of beverages and a competent partner when it comes to taking care of thirsty guests.

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